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Bashurverse is a famous YouTube commentator on the popular game, Minecraft. He is a close friend of Team Crafted a group of more famous YouTube commentators. His real name is Brandon Ashur. His Girlfriend, Clara or Mrs. Derpington on Minecraft, plays with him, mostly on twitch, a watch it live version of YouTube.

Life [unfinished] Edit

All of the information in this section is based solely on this video.

As an infant, Bashur was never really taken care of by his birth mother when she lived with him. Eventually, he was adopted by new guardians. His dad was a country musician who would often take him to his concerts (which was ironic because at the time, Bashur hated country music), which inspired him to take up a job in entertaining himself. In school, Bashur got bad grades, so as a result he was put in an educational development center, in which he got beat up alot since all the bullies were put in the EDC as well.

When Bashur was 17, he fell in love with a girl (which was his first love), who ended up cheating on him. He would always go to his best friend's house, and his best friend had a sister who much younger than Bashur who was there for him and consoled him while he was going through his sadness. Bashur eventually started to develop a relationship with her (which, according to him, didn't really amount to anything), which they tried to keep secret. They started talking on AOL, and her parents didn't like it because she was 15 and he was 18. Her parents hired a private detective to watch them and their conversations. One day, he got arrested for unlawful transaction with a minor.

He was sent to jail automatically and stayed there for one week. It is unknown what happened during his time in prison. After one week, he went to court and, as his lawyer told him, "Got lucky." After getting let go with no harsh punishments besides having to take therapy and had to destroy all of his computers. After only a few visits, the therapist let him go, knowing that he was not a rapist, or pedophile. Then, his mother decided it was better to move to a new house.

For the 8 years after that, he was so traumatized and felt like such a bad person that he never left the house. He also felt crazy, suicidal even.

Skin designEdit

Bashurverse in Minecraft is meant to be a human-shaped watermelon wearing 3-D glasses, a shirt from a TV show in the 90s called Rocko's World, white shorts, a belt. On the back of his head, there is an open space where the inside of his watermelon head is shown. He also has a large smile on his face, stretching across the skin's sides. Edit

Gamep|ay Edit

Most of his gameplay consists of minigames and survival. One of his most popular series is the Bashpack, a modded survival. He also plays Survival Games, where he mentions Pewface quite a bit.

In case you may not be sure, Pewface is Bashur's wolf, and normally communicates with him during the game. From hearing some people, he annoys Bashur, kinda how the Squids would annoy SkyDoesMinecraft, another Minecraft YouTuber.

He also has a Pixelmon series, which is Minecraft Version of Pokemon.

Friends! Edit

He plays a lot of multiplayer games, with some familar faces. He was also featured in real life skits with a YouTube channel called BAHMLounge. He also has a survival/challenge series with his girlfriend, BabyLegs on YouTube.

AviatorGaming, mlgHwnt(Mr.Skateboardface), and Bodil40(Bulgarian Spongebob) are just some of the people he plays with.

Also, we must mention on here that he was pranked by many people. Skydoesminecraft or Adam has pranked him on a custom-made jump course. Bodil40(Bulgarian Spongebob) has also pranked him with a parkour course, where he needed to read a book.

Twitch Life Edit

Bashurverse goes on Twitch to livestream gameplay, a lot like TheZombiUnicorn and CaptainSparklez. He has received popularity and more subscribers off of the website, and normally records himself doing Minecraft.


  • His Minecraft skin was a human until he changed it into a watermelon on May 24th 2013
  • His most common quote is, WHAT THE BALLS?
  • He is an easy target for pranks
  • He made up the popular Pewface in Bashpack Summer, and he has him to this day in one of his latest series, Modded Survival


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